Agency And Consciousness In Discourse: Self-Other Dynamics As A Complex System

Paul J. Thibault

Pioneering linguist Paul Thibault explores the ways in which agency and consciousness are created through transactions between self and other. Questions of agency and consciousness have often been omitted from discussions on discursive practice in the past; this book redresses the omission. Thibault argues that it is necessary to regard body-brain interactions in the context of the social and discursive practices that act upon human bodies. The author discusses and evaluates the work of linguists, psychologists, biologists, semioticians, and sociologists such as Basil Bernstein, Mikhail Bakhtin, J.J. Gibson, M.A.K. Halliday, Walter Kauffman, Lakoff & Johnson, Jay Lemke, Jean Piaget and Stanley Salthe, to develop a new theory of agency and consciousness.

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