After Postmodernism: A Naturalistic Reconstruction of the Humanities

Faye, Jan

The commonly perceived divorce between the natural sciences and the humanistic sciences rests on the faulty theories of both scientific methodology and the nature of explanation and interpretation. In much recent literature the analysis of interpretation presented by the postmodernist schools has exacerbated this situation with its mistaken doctrine that everything is interpreted in both the natural sciences and the human sciences. The book presents a pragmatic model of explanation and interpretation which bridges the much decried abyss between the disciplines leading to a unified methodological view of natural, social, and humanistic sciences. It also argues that acceptance of this pragmatic approach to explanation and interpretation requires naturalizing epistemology, which in turn requires viewing human cognitive capacities as natural adaptations selected by evolution. The audience of this book would include not only philosophers of science and philosophers of aesthetics but also scholars, advanced students, and humanists who are interested in the foundations of the humanistic sciences.

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