A Companion to Linguistic Anthropology

Alessandro Duranti

Within the social sciences and the humanities, it is now widely accepted that the role of language in social life cannot be understood without a study of the interface between linguistic forms and the cultural practices that they help constitute. Linguistic anthropologists have been at the forefront of such a study for decades. A Companion to Linguistic Anthropology continues in the same tradition by providing a series of in-depth explorations of key concepts and approaches by some of the scholars whose work constitutes the theoretical and methodological foundations of the contemporary study of language as culture. Senior scholars who have shaped the field in the last 20 to 30 years are joined by more junior colleagues who provide a fresh perspective on well-established areas of inquiry and new conceptualizations. The volume also includes a comprehensive bibliography of over 2,000 entries designed as a resource for anyone seeking a guide to the literature of linguistic anthropology.

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