The Academics' Guide to Publishing (Sage Study Skills Series)

Dr Rob Kitchin; Dr Duncan Fuller

'...includes important points such as reading the proofs, preparing indexes...every researcher can find some useful information in this textbook.' -PHOTOSYNTHETICAThis definitive guide to successfully publishing social science research demonstrates that completing a project is only the first phase of research. Dissemination is the second phase, and it requires specific skills and knowledge. The Academics' Guide to Publishing: explains the different ways in which research can be disseminated: in journals, books, reports, the Internet, popular media, and conferences; demonstrates how the structures, practices and procedures involved work - making them easily understood and transparent; and situates research in the larger and changing context of Higher Education.For postgraduates or academics in the social sciences The Academics' Guide to Publishing provides essential guidance on how to secure a job, how to gain tenure, how to survive research assessment exercises, and how to obtain promotion.

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